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Supal (Changzhou) Precision Tools Co.,Ltd      Art of Cutting

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company news
china latest news about Classification of commonly used Cemented Carbide
On July 24, 2023
Commonly used cemented carbide with WC as the tension factor, according to whether to participate in other carbides and is divided into the following three categories: (1) Tungsten-cobalt (WC+Co) Cemented Carbide (YG) "As long as processing pig iron" It consists of WC and Co, with high bending ...
china latest news about How to protect yourself during the use of CNC toolholders?
On June 28, 2023
There are many CNC toolholders among which are: side fixed toolholders, heat shrinkable toolholders, reducer set toolholders, powerful CNC toolholders etc. With the development of machine tools to high-speed, high-precision direction, the spindle speed has increased significantly, but in order to ...
china latest news about What to do if a milling cutter has tool vibration?
On June 7, 2023
What happens when the tool vibrates on a milling cutter? As there is a small gap between the milling cutter and the tool holder, the tool may vibrate during the machining process. The vibration will cause the milling cutter's circumferential edge to eat unevenly, and the cutting expansion will ...
china latest news about Coating of stainless steel tungsten steel milling cutter tools
On May 24, 2023
Stainless steel tungsten steel milling cutters are coated with a few microns of high hardness, high wear resistance refractory Ti-Al-X-N coating by vapor deposition on the surface of high strength tool substrate to reduce tool wear, extend tool life and increase cutting speed. Milling tools The core ...