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Dear customer.   Thank you for your interest and support of our factory! We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of carbide CNC tools, and we proudly offer personalized and customized services to meet your unique needs. Whether you need ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services, we can meet your requirements.   Working with us, you can customize your product logo so that it fits perfectly with your brand image. We understand the importance of branding, so we are willing to work closely with you to ensure that your logo is displayed accurately and elegantly on your tools.   In addition, we also offer label customization services to make your products more unique and recognizable. You can choose the right label material, color and design style according to your market positioning and target audience. Our team will work with you to ensure that the quality and appearance of the label meets your expectations.   Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality customized tools and ensure your satisfaction. With state-of-the-art production equipment and an experienced team of technicians, we are able to produce products to your exacting standards.   If you are interested in our customization services or have any questions, our team would be more than happy to discuss with you further. Please feel free to contact us and let's work together to create unique tools that will bring success to your business.   Thank you again for choosing us as your partner!   Sincerely.   SUPAL TOOLS



Classification of commonly used Cemented Carbide

Commonly used cemented carbide with WC as the tension factor, according to whether to participate in other carbides and is divided into the following three categories: (1) Tungsten-cobalt (WC+Co) Cemented Carbide (YG) "As long as processing pig iron" It consists of WC and Co, with high bending strength, toughness, good thermal conductivity, but poor heat resistance and wear resistance, and is used for processing cast iron and non-ferrous metals. Fine grain YG type cemented carbide (such as YG3X, YG6X), in the cobalt content Ray at the same time, its hardness and abrasion resistance is higher than YG3, YG6, strength and toughness is a little poorer, is practical for processing hard cast iron, austenitic stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys, hard bronze and so on. (2) tungsten, titanium and cobalt (WC + TiC + Co) cemented carbide (YT) "intense processing of cooked iron" Due to the hardness and melting point of TiC than WC are higher than YG, compared with its hardness, wear resistance, red hardness increase, bonding temperature is high, oxidation resistance is strong, and at high temperatures will generate TiO 2, can be eliminated bonding. But the thermal conductivity is poor, low flexural strength, so it is practical for processing steel and other tough materials. (3) tungsten, titanium, tantalum and cobalt (WC + TiC + TaC + Co)) Cemented Carbide (YW YS) "intense processing of heat-resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and other difficult to process materials". TaC(NbC) is added on the basis of YT type of cemented carbide, which improves the bending strength, striking toughness, high temperature hardness, oxygen resistance and wear resistance. It can process steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. Therefore, it is often called general-purpose cemented carbide.



High -speed steel ball head milling cutter is more suitable for fine milling processing than standard type

Compared with standard milling cutters, high -speed steel ball head milling cutters are characterized by: The appearance is simple, bright, unique, novel, and layered; Geometric accuracy is increased by 40%compared to standard products. It is recommended for crude milling, semi -essence milling, and suitable for essence milling; Increase the smoothness of the front and rear corners, making the blade sharp and slightly brisk. The width of the rear angle increased by 15%. Interest improvement, stable and reliable; After the unique process, the service life is twice the standard milling cutter, which has a high cost performance. General equipment that can be used for traditional milling methods and can be used for CNC equipment. The milling cutter is used for high -hardness material processing, and the hardness HRC50 ~ 55 degrees of processing workpiece. Use ZUI new coating and nano -grade tungsten steel raw materials. Using short -edge design, suitable for high -speed milling; dry cutting can also be achieved. The trail header and diameter flat head -shaped milling cutter is designed with sharp rounded angle (a little R angle). The micro -diameter ball head milling cutter can reduce the blade and increase the service life of the tool. High -speed steel ball head milling cutter can milling mold steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, and general iron, belongs to the vertical milling cutter. The head milling cutter can work normally in high temperature environments. High -speed steel ball head and milling cutter: widely used for various curved surfaces, arc groove processing. High temperature resistance: ZUI high temperature 450-550/500-600 degrees Celsius. The blade of the high -speed steel ball head milling cutter large R angle is stronger than the tip of the end milling cutter, and it is not easy to collapse, that is, the life span is stable than the end milling cutter. In addition, when it is used for 3D processing, the processing area of the ball knife is R Corner blade, processing spacing and cutting depth can be used to use larger values. The processing efficiency is improved and the quality of the processing surface is improved.



What to do if a milling cutter has tool vibration?

What happens when the tool vibrates on a milling cutter? As there is a small gap between the milling cutter and the tool holder, the tool may vibrate during the machining process. The vibration will cause the milling cutter's circumferential edge to eat unevenly, and the cutting expansion will increase compared to the original value, resulting in consequences that will affect the accuracy of the machining and the life of the tool. However, when the width of the groove machined is small, the tool can be effectively made to vibrate, after this increase in cutting and expanding the amount of the required groove width can be obtained, reminded that in this case, the milling cutter should be more amplitude is 0.02mm or less, otherwise it can not be stable cutting. The lower the vibration of the milling cutter in normal machining, the better. When tool vibration occurs, consider reducing the cutting speed and feed rate, if both have been reduced by 40% and there is still a large vibration, consider reducing the tool draft. If the machining system resonates, the reason may be that the cutting speed is too large, the feed rate is small, the tool system is not rigid enough, the workpiece clamping force is not enough and the shape of the workpiece or the workpiece clamping requirements and other factors, then you should take measures to adjust the cutting amount, increase the rigidity of the tool system, improve the feed rate. Carbide milling cutter rotation operation can be divided into two kinds. The following is a brief analysis of your come Bao tool manufacturers: Firstly, the direction of rotation of the milling cutter is the same as the cutting feed direction. At the start of the cut, the milling cutter bites into the workpiece and cuts off the chips. Rotational operation of the carbide milling cutter Another type of milling is reverse milling, where the milling cutter rotates in the opposite direction to the cutting feed. Before starting to cut, the milling cutter has to slide over the workpiece for a period of time, starting from zero cutting thickness and reaching a maximum cutting thickness at the end of the cut. The cutting forces of the three-sided edge milling cutter are in different directions, some end milling or face milling. In face milling, the milling cutter is just outside the workpiece, so the direction of the cutting force should be paid more attention to. In forward milling the cutting forces force the workpiece into the table, in backward milling the cutting forces force the workpiece off the table. Forward milling is generally used due to the better cutting results, and backward milling is only considered if there is thread clearance or insurmountable problems with forward milling.



Coating of stainless steel tungsten steel milling cutter tools

Stainless steel tungsten steel milling cutters are coated with a few microns of high hardness, high wear resistance refractory Ti-Al-X-N coating by vapor deposition on the surface of high strength tool substrate to reduce tool wear, extend tool life and increase cutting speed. Milling tools The core technology of bearing tools: machine tools are called "machines that make machines". If CNC machine tool is the art work of modern industrial civilization, then carbide cutting tool is the diamond on the art work, and the diamond's light comes from the coating on the surface of the tool which is several microns thick. Coated tools have high surface hardness, good wear resistance, stable chemical properties, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, low coefficient of friction, low thermal conductivity, etc. The reason for this is that the coating material acts as a chemical barrier and thermal barrier, reducing the diffusion and chemical reaction between the tool and the workpiece, thus reducing the wear of the tool and increasing the tool life by more than three times and the cutting speed by 20% and 100%. It can be said that the thin coating carries the core technology of the tool. At present, the proportion of coated tools in cutting tools has reached 80%. As foreign companies occupy a monopoly in the field of tools, the status of tools and their core coating technology has been paid more and more attention in the special projects of CNC machine tools in China, and the breakthrough of coating technology has been incorporated into many topics.



What kind of milling cutter should be used for milling aluminum alloy?

What kind of milling cutter is used for processing aluminum alloy? Is it a special tool for aluminum alloy to make it better? We mainly talk about what milling cutters are used for machining tools and cutting parameters from several aspects of processing tools and cutting parameters. 1. The processing characteristics of aluminum alloy Milling aluminum alloy mainly has the following major characteristics: 1. Low aluminum alloy hardness Compared with the titanium alloy and other quenching steel, the hardness of aluminum alloy is low. Of course, the heat treatment is too high, or the hardness of the die -cast aluminum alloy is also very high. The HRC hardness of ordinary aluminum plates is generally below HRC40 degrees. Therefore, when machining aluminum alloy, the carrier of the tool is small. Because of the better thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy, the cutting temperature of the milling aluminum alloy is relatively low, which can improve its milling speed. 2. Low aluminum alloy plasticity The plasticity of aluminum alloy is low, and the melting point is low. When processing aluminum alloy, its adhesive knife is serious, with poor cripping performance, and the surface roughness is relatively high. In fact, the processing aluminum alloy is mainly the effect of sticky knife and roughness. As long as the two major problems of the sticky knife and the surface quality of the processing are solved, the problem of aluminum alloy processing is solved. 3. The tool is easy to wear Because the unsuitable tool material is adopted, when processing aluminum alloy, the tool wear is often accelerated due to the problems of sticky knives, crumbs and other problems. 2. What milling cutter is used for processing aluminum alloy? Machining aluminum alloys are generally used for milling cutters with 3 blade aluminum. Secondly, due to the differences in processing, 2 -edge ball head knives, or 4 blade flat knives. However, in Dahai, Dongguan, it is recommended that in most cases, you can choose a 3 -blade flat bottom milling cutter. 1. Material of high -speed steel High -speed steel aluminum milling cutter is more sharp, and can also process aluminum alloy well. 2. The choice of aluminum tungsten steel milling cutter Materials generally choose YG hard alloys, which can reduce the chemical affinity of the tool and aluminum alloy. General CNC -control tool brands have all -in products for processing aluminum alloy. Third, the cutting parameters of the milling aluminum alloy Machining ordinary aluminum alloys can generally choose high -speed advance to milling. Secondly, choose the larger front angle as much as possible to increase the space of the crumbs and reduce the phenomenon of sticky knife. If it is precision machining aluminum alloy, a water cutting fluid cannot be used to avoid forming a small pinhole on the processing surface. Generally, kerosene or diesel can be used for processing aluminum plate cutting fluid. The cutting speed of the machining aluminum alloy milling cutter is different due to the material and parameters of the milling cutter. The specific cutting parameters can be processed based on the cutting parameters given by the manufacturer.



CNC tools help the development of the new energy industry

Now the energy industry has become a hot topic, and development has always attracted much attention. In addition to the traditional energy industry, emerging clean energy sources such as wind power, nuclear power, solar energy and tidal energy are increasingly valued by people. The rapid development of the energy industry has also put forward higher requirements for its related manufacturing industries. Among them, the tool is the tool is that the tool is the tool. One of the most critical factors is that under the premise of ensuring the quality and production efficiency of processing, we must care about how to choose a knife that should choose to choose for ourselves for the energy industry, especially the new energy industry. Use interpretation and induction to obtain the most suitable product The choice of tools is a very logical job. Each new project is like a reasoning question. You need to use interpretation and induction to get the most suitable products. In short, it is a process of continuous demolition and integration. The client's parts are very specific. You must demolish this thing as small as possible, detailed attributes, and each attribute has an impact on the design of the tool. To summarize these impacts Essence For example, the processing of turbine blades, fan blades molds, a 5MW fan, its leaves can reach 60m long and 5m wide, the corresponding mold is also a big guy: from geometric perspective, large volume requires the quickly to remove the margin to remove the balance quickly. In Iska products, there are fast -metal cutting products such as the FEEDMILL series of tools under high -speed fees and interpolation and milling cutters. To remove the balance quickly, you must reduce the cutting resistance; when the long suspension is extended, it is easy to produce vibration. It is required that the cutting blade has strong impact resistance and good toughness; there is a space surface on the blades, and the knife is required to have arc elements. In summary, the following results can be obtained: Feedmill fast plane milling, cavity rough processing, Millshred for deep cavity and rough processing, and then use a round blades to process cavity. Another example is the blade of the turbine turbine. The leaves used in the high temperature and high voltage of the steam turbine at the thermal power station are all high -temperature alloys. Toughness, so the cutting force is large, and the cutting temperature is high. The cutting resistance is reflected in the design of the tool, and the cutting force needs to be reduced by increasing the front corner and the rear corner of the tool; inhibiting the impact of the cutting temperature, the relevant results can be obtained through the knowledge of the knife coating. The thermal conductivity of the blade (tool) to slow down the impact of the temperature. Its role is like a layer of thermal film, because it has a thermal conductivity coefficient that is much lower than the tool substrate and workpiece material. For high -temperature alloys, Iska's SPS82C and IC380 are all PVD and nitrogen carbide coating for this difficult processing material. There is a universal characteristic of the energy industry's parts. The material material is characterized by the processing of steel, stainless steel and high -temperature alloy. Iska has proposed the concept of FMR (FastMetalworkRemoval) at a very early days. And complete product lines can meet the processing of large workpieces. Beginning in 2009, Iska has an upgrade of Helido for milling products. In short, it is the double -sided of the blade. The direct result is that the number of cutting blades can be 2 times on a blade. At the same time, the dough blade is located through the tunnel -tail blade, a larger cutting front corner, a small negative edge of the blade, we can well increase the life of the blade, and the Helido product will be a direction for the main promotion in the future. In addition to the improvement of coating, except for SPS82C and IC380, which are two special products for high -temperature alloys, all coatings have the corresponding SUMO (speed demon) technology upgrade. On the basis of ordinary PVD and CVD coating, plus a layer of alumina, the surface of the blade mouth is smoother, reducing the formation of dandruff tumors, and increasing the life of the tool. From the beginning of research and development to actual sales, for conventional metal processing, in the comparison of the old products of Iska itself, the life expectancy increased by 10%to 30%. For non -metallic materials in the wind power industry, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, and synthetic resin, Iska's poly crystal diamond knife (we call "PCDLINE") It has been proven to effectively prevent scales, damage, and crushing. These tools have common keywords: sharp blade, large front corners, front knife surface polishing, high -speed cutting, and small dandruff. Shan Gao helps you stimulate infinite wind energy In the process of the development of the new energy industry, Wind Energy, as a clean renewable energy source, is becoming more and more valued by countries around the world. European countries, the United States, and China have given strong support and promotion in their own energy planning. In the process of the development of the new energy industry, Wind Energy, as a clean renewable energy source, is becoming more and more valued by countries around the world. European countries, the United States, and China have given strong support and promotion in their own energy planning. As a leader in the wind power industry, Shan Gao knife can not only provide high -quality tools and professional processing technologies, but also always focus on providing overall solutions for metal cutting demand. In the long -term cooperation with famous fan component manufacturers in various countries in the world, the mountain height has accumulated rich experience and strictly meets the almost "harsh" processing requirements of wind power parts manufacturers. There are many factors such as fatigue, reliability, and vibration resistance from fatigue, reliability and vibration. For wind turbines, gear boxes, wind wheel hubs, wind power bearing (rotary support and gear), fan shafts, and wind turbine seats are extremely important working components. At the same time, they are also parts with high processing difficulty, high accuracy requirements, and large processing volume. Shan Gao provides a series of process solutions for this to help users in the wind power industry stand out in the fierce market competition. Wind power gear box is one of the important parts of the wind power unit. Because the operating conditions of the wind turbine are complicated, reliability, and the requirements of service life, the gear box must have sufficient rigidity, suitable support structure and wall thickness to meet complex stressive needs. Common materials include ball and ink cast iron and other high -intensity cast iron. The mechanical structure of the gear box is complex and huge, which requires hundreds of hours of precision processing. Parts are more processing. The types of machine processing of wind power gear box include milling (corn mills and three -sided blades), drilling (Perfomax series), and ravioli (bridge board 镗 风). It is worth mentioning that the diameter of the gear box connection holes exceeds 2m, and its tolerance requirements are H7. This processing is quite difficult. The mountain height Graflex bridge -type bull -headed standard products cover the size of 204 ~ 2155mm in diameter; giant (JUMBO) bridge plate hoe, the maximum diameter can reach 3200mm. They are composed of high -strength aluminum alloy and steel parts interface, taking into account the needs of flexibility, knife weight and rigidity. The accuracy requirements of maximum IT5 and RA0.6 in the essence of the essence, the size adjustment is also very convenient, which can be completed directly on the machine tool. At the same time, the modular design can also meet the needs of large diameter rounds and backbone. For example, the A731001JUMBO bridge-panel-type knife is rough with TCMT16T308-F2TK2000 blade. The cutting line speed is 150m/min, the feed speed VF reaches 25mm/min, and the depth AP is 5 ~ 6mm. The essence uses CCMT09T304-F2TK1000 blade, the cutting line speed is 120m/min, and the depth AP0.3mm is cut. These high -performance cutting parameters can ensure that customers have high component accuracy, but also greatly reduce the production cycle of customers. The wheels are also one of the important parts of the wind turbine. Its structure and force deformation are complicated. It will directly affect the normal operation and service life of the wind turbine. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high strength, good reliability, long fatigue life, and strong vibration resistance to meet the use conditions of -20 ° C ~ 40 ° C. Common materials are low -temperature low temperature and high shock tough iron iron. The main machine processing types of the wheels are milling and drilling. The wind wheel is huge, and the general processing cycle is long. A customer once encountered such a processing problem: Although all its machine tools were running at full load, production tasks could not be completed on time. In order to help customers cross the difficulty, Shanzhong designed a non-standard convertible formed tool with a diameter of 360mm and R85mm, supplemented by 335.19-1207en2R85-D09, F40M blade, and the cutting line speed is 200m/min. The quantity FZ0.14mm, cutting depth AP1 ~ 2mm, production efficiency is greatly improved, the production cycle of this wheel hub is shortened from the original 30H to within 16H. Customers were able to deliver smoothly to avoid major losses. DoubleOCTOMILL double -sided blade R220.48 plane milling cutter is very suitable for wheel milling and processing. The blade of the double -sided blade milling cutter is designed with a positive front angle. Each blade has 16 cutting blades. The same milling cutter can meet the application occasions of coarse and precise processing, and has imperative economy and generalality. The processing of wind power parts also includes a fan spindle, fan base, connecting flange, fan tower, planetary rack, fan blades, etc. For the processing of these parts, the mountain height has a solution for complete turning, milling and hole processing. Shan Gao's tools adhere to the concept of "becoming a strategic partner of customers" and are committed to improving the efficiency and competitiveness of processing for customers. "High energy processing" becomes the focus The eye -catching development of China's economy is continuing, and it is not exaggerated to describe it with supply. Railway networks and buildings are required to be inadequate. However, if a large number of mechanical equipment is introduced, the investment costs will be very large. Recently, customers have increasingly increased the requirements for "high energy production" and "high -efficiency production" on existing equipment. Because the temperature of the generator's blades is very high during operation, the materials are mostly used for heat alloys. In addition, due to its complicated shapes, not only the tools, drills and vertical milling cutters, etc., are used during processing. Sumitomo Electric hard alloy is difficult to cut materials in the car blade. The material AC500 series is used. There are difficult to cut materials in the drill bit to process a multi -purpose drill MD. With inventory, the corresponding size is quite rich, which can fully meet the requirements of the complex processing of customers. The above -mentioned tools are all special materials developed for the difficulty of processing, so they can exert excellent performance in terms of wear resistance and laugher -resistant blade. The eye -catching development of China's economy is continuing, and it is not exaggerated to describe it with supply. Railway networks and buildings are required to be inadequate. However, if a large number of mechanical equipment is introduced, the investment costs will be very large. Recently, customers have increasingly increased the requirements for "high energy production" and "high -efficiency production" on existing equipment. Therefore, the recommendation scheme of Sumitomo Electrician hard alloy is the following products with "high energy processing" as the following products. Drivery processing: Ultra -high advances greater than f = 0.5mm/r are recommended to process dandruff processing excellent high -energy break -breaking groove series SE and GE types when processing is recommended. When the request is higher (~ 0.8mm/R), the light -edged blade type LUW type and Guw type are recommended. Milling processing: It is recommended to use the MS1400 type of high -advancement and milling cutter. Although the depth cannot be greater than 1.5mm, the feed can be corresponding to 2mm/blade. Drilling processing: The newly developed J -shaped horizontal blade repair improves dandruff treatment. Coupled with a special crumb groove shape, it can also exert excellent dandruff discharge when processing. In addition, because the latest PVD coatings and DEX coatings are used, it has achieved long life. Here is a hard alloy multi -purpose drill GS/HGS type. If the aperture is more than 12.5mm, it is recommended to use the sword head -replaceable drill bit SMD type. High -hardness material processing During the high -speed/high -energy rate processing of high -hardness materials, there are 4 coating CBN materials according to different uses. BNC100 is recommended during high -speed/continuous processing, BNC160 is recommended during weak interruption, BNC200 is recommended during high energy processing, and BNC300 is recommended during interrupted processing. In addition, the high -push is recommended during processing or high -precision processing. The rotary supporting ring is a more representative difficult part in wind power components. According to the capacity (size) of the wind turbine, its size is also diverse, and the rotation support ring with a diameter of more than 2m is particularly difficult to process. In particular, the processing accuracy when processing (hard vehicle) after quenching (hard car) requires strict processing, the knife life is short, and there are many installation holes. The first recommendation of the bearing surface after quenching (Hardturning) is excellent wear resistance and can correspond to the BNC160 that can be processed by large -scale workpieces. If there are high -speed processing requirements, it is recommended to use BNC100. The company prepares three types of blades for various CBN materials, which can choose the most suitable blade port according to the degree of damage of the tool and the required surface roughness. Installed hole processing The installation holes of the rotary support ring are generally about φ25mm, and the hole depth is about 100mm. When processing these holes, it is recommended to use the WDX type on the right. Each blade has 4 blade corners that can be used in good economy, and the most suitable blade broken dandruff groove is also good when processing L/D = 5 deep pores. However, if the accuracy requirements of the hole are less than ± 0.15mm, the aforementioned SMD type is recommended.



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