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Company news about Coating of stainless steel tungsten steel milling cutter tools
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Coating of stainless steel tungsten steel milling cutter tools

Latest company news about Coating of stainless steel tungsten steel milling cutter tools

Stainless steel tungsten steel milling cutters are coated with a few microns of high hardness, high wear resistance refractory Ti-Al-X-N coating by vapor deposition on the surface of high strength tool substrate to reduce tool wear, extend tool life and increase cutting speed.

Milling tools

The core technology of bearing tools: machine tools are called "machines that make machines". If CNC machine tool is the art work of modern industrial civilization, then carbide cutting tool is the diamond on the art work, and the diamond's light comes from the coating on the surface of the tool which is several microns thick.

Coated tools have high surface hardness, good wear resistance, stable chemical properties, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, low coefficient of friction, low thermal conductivity, etc. The reason for this is that the coating material acts as a chemical barrier and thermal barrier, reducing the diffusion and chemical reaction between the tool and the workpiece, thus reducing the wear of the tool and increasing the tool life by more than three times and the cutting speed by 20% and 100%. It can be said that the thin coating carries the core technology of the tool.

At present, the proportion of coated tools in cutting tools has reached 80%. As foreign companies occupy a monopoly in the field of tools, the status of tools and their core coating technology has been paid more and more attention in the special projects of CNC machine tools in China, and the breakthrough of coating technology has been incorporated into many topics.