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Company news about How to check the quality of the blade welding?
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How to check the quality of the blade welding?

Latest company news about How to check the quality of the blade welding?

In order to ensure the welding quality, the welding knife should be carefully checked to find out the cause of the defects to improve. Before the inspection, the car knife should be sprayed or gently grinds the welds and impurities attached to the surface of the blade, and washed with kerosene. The inspection items and requirements are as follows:

1. Check the intensity of welds: Use a green carbonic silicon wheel to grind the back of a car knife, check the thickness of the welded layer, and the thickness requirements are below 0.15 mm. There is no shortage of pores and welds at the bottom surface of the knife tip support. The welds that are not filled with welds should not be more than 10%of the total length of the weld. If there is a hole, the blade will fall off when cutting.

2. Check the position of the blade in the knife groove: such as the stipulation of blade misplaced and sagging exceeding the technical conditions.

3. Check the welding intensity: Use a wooden hammer or copper hammer to hit the blade with a medium force, or to knock on the knife with a hammer with a hammer. Check the welding intensity of the blade, not necessarily check them one by one, and also adopt a random inspection method.

Fourth, check the flatness of the blade: If there is a clear pit on the blade, it means that the blade is overheated and deforms, and the new blade should be burned.

V. Check the crack: After the blade is cleaned by the kerosene, if the blade has a crack. The kerosene will penetrate into the crack and the black line appears. You can observe it with the naked eye. You can also observe 10-40 times the magnifying glass.

Check the blade cracks, and you can also use color detecting method: 65%of kerosene, 30%transformer oil, and 5%pine oil -made solution are adjusted, and some sultan reds are slightly added. Place the car blade and blade in the solution for 10-15 minutes, then wash it with water, apply a layer of white soil (kaolin), and observe the surface after baking. It is revealed, and you can see it with the naked eye. The blade with cracks cannot be used, and it needs to be welded