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Company news about How to choose the tool for processing materials above HRC60
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How to choose the tool for processing materials above HRC60

Latest company news about How to choose the tool for processing materials above HRC60

Due to the high hardness of materials above HRC60, the tungsten tungsten milling cutters in the processing process are difficult to meet the processing requirements. After 10 minutes of CNC machining, severe wear and even broken tools appear. The high speed machine is more serious. After many fires, the mold requirements are higher and more difficult, so the accuracy of using ordinary tungsten milling cutters is not up to the following, so the selection of processing tools should pay attention to the following points:


1. Select the ultra-fine particle bar and the tungsten rigid milling cutter with high rigidity. This ensures the toughness and rigidity of the tool.

2. Choose the blade high helix angle design and the four-blade unequal design. This allows the tool to be slanted at high speeds and high hardness with small and powerful cutting.

3. Choose a new crystal coated tool. Many of the tungsten milling cutters on the market use PVD coatings to a large extent that cannot meet high hardness cutting. The new crystalline coating fundamentally addresses high temperature/acidification/wear resistance/longer life.

4. Cooperate with powerful tool companies to further obtain their technical support and tool configuration, reduce procurement links and reduce procurement costs.

High rigidity tool design and new coating of tungsten rigid cutting cutter have high efficiency, high precision and long life in high speed and high hardness cutting. High speed and high efficiency processing from pre-hardened steel to hardened steel; High-precision finishing and other long-life; high-precision; high-quality processing. It is so easy to process high speed machines with high hardness.