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Company news about HSS ball end mills are more suitable for finish milling than standard types
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HSS ball end mills are more suitable for finish milling than standard types

Latest company news about HSS ball end mills are more suitable for finish milling than standard types

Compared with standard milling cutters, high-speed steel ball end milling cutters have the following characteristics:

The appearance is simple, bright, unique, novel and distinct;

The geometric accuracy is 40% higher than that of standard products, and it is recommended for rough milling, semi-finishing and suitable finishing;

Improve the front and rear corner finish, so that the cutting edge is sharp and chip removal is brisk.

Relief edge width increased by 15%. Increased strength, stable and reliable;

After a unique process, the service life is twice that of standard milling cutters, and it has a high cost performance.

It can be used for both general-purpose equipment in traditional milling methods and CNC equipment.

The milling cutter is used for processing high hardness materials, and the hardness of the workpiece is HRC50~55 degrees.

Using the latest coating and nano-grade tungsten steel raw materials.

The short-edge design is suitable for high-speed milling; dry cutting is also possible.

Small-diameter ball-end and small-diameter flat-end milling cutters are designed with sharp rounded corners (a little R angle). Small-diameter ball end milling cutters can reduce chipping and increase tool life.

High-speed steel ball end milling cutters can mill die steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, and general iron materials, and are end mills. Ball nose milling cutters can work normally in high temperature environments.

High-speed steel ball end milling cutter application: widely used in various curved surfaces, arc groove processing.

High temperature resistance: The maximum temperature for maintaining cutting performance is 450-550/500-600 degrees Celsius.

The edge of the high-speed steel ball end mill with a large R angle is stronger than the sharp corner of the end mill, and it is not easy to collapse, that is, the life is more stable than that of the end mill. In addition, when it is used for 3D machining, the processing area of the ball cutter is R Corner cutting edge, machining distance and depth of cut can use larger values, the machining efficiency is improved and the quality of the machined surface is also improved.