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December 5, 2022

The characteristics, use, and type of commonly used reamer

The characteristics, use, and type of commonly used re -re -cutting

Characteristics of the re of the re-re-blade: The pillar is the cutting of the puppets, and the re-blade is cut in 4-8 blade, so the efficiency is high), the high-precision, and the hinge blade mouth with the blade band, so they get the obtained Better roughness;

The pores that are used for drilling, expanding holes, and holes on the hinge workpiece are mainly to improve the processing accuracy of the holes and improve the roughness of the surface of the workpiece. The amount of cutting tools is generally very large.

The re -cuttings used to process cylindrical holes are more commonly used.

The re -cutter used to process the cone hole is a cone -shaped re -cutter, which is less used.

From the perspective of usage, the housing and the machine are used for the re -re -blade, and the machine can be divided into a straight handle re -blade and a taper re -cutle. The hand is used in a straight handle.

Most of the hinge structure consists of the working part and the handle. The work part is mainly cutting and calibrated, and the diameter of the calibration office has inverted cone. The handle is used to be held by the clip, which is divided into a straight handle and a cone handle. There are many types according to different purposes, so there are many standards for re -cuttings. Some of our more common standards include re -re -blades, straight handle machines with rectums, rectors of cone handle machines, and straight handle. Centellar re -re -blade and so on.

There are two types of knife). The pupils of the re -cutter have straight grooves and spiral grooves.

The hinge precision is D4, H7, H8, H9 and other precision levels.

It is divided into three types: cylindrical, cone -shaped and doorway -shaped according to the shape of the reed holes;

The installation method is divided into two types: handle and suit type;

Divide straight grooves and spiral grooves according to the shape of the altitude

Portum customization: In customized non -standard tools, the re -cutter is a more common custom -made tool. According to different products, deep, diameter, accuracy, roughness requirements, and workpiece materials are made Life, accuracy, roughness, and stability.
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