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Company news about The performance of several taps with high -speed steel comparison
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The performance of several taps with high -speed steel comparison

Latest company news about The performance of several taps with high -speed steel comparison

Although the proportion of high -speed steel occupation is reduced in the consumption of tool materials, high -speed steel has a relative advantage in the threaded knife. In 2007, various types of tool consumption of various types of tools in the world, high -speed steel tools accounted for 38%, hard alloy knives accounted for 62%, and the medium threaded tools accounted for 18%of the total tool consumption. Among the threaded tools, high -speed steel materials accounted for To 95%. High -speed steel materials and knives are specially valued by high -speed steel for taps, and they are divided into high -speed steel for high -speed steel to develop and use. In addition to continuously improved the original steel number to gain morality, tap public high -speed steel is also launched, such as the International River, such as the International River. Metallurgical technology has HYTM2 and TV3 steel, French Erasteel gets GV3, Japan Nachi has HMT12 steel. After testing Germany, Japan, and South Korea, the invention of taps. Foreign tap materials are M35 (ie, W6MO5CR4V2CO5) or GV3, M3 (ie W6MO5CR4V3) and other cobalt -containing high -performance high -performance high -performance high -performance high -speed steel and powder high -speed steel. The materials are still based on the traditional technology of high -speed steel M2 (ie W6MO5CR4V2). This article discusses the production of M2, M3, and M35 high -speed steel for domestic traditional craftsmanship. The hardness and red hardness of the high -speed steel, the strength of the bending strength, and the cutting of these materials are cut into the cutting function. The tap is different under the premise of the geometric parameters and cutting of the specific products in this article.