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Company news about The wrong ideas and concepts of high -speed milling processing
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The wrong ideas and concepts of high -speed milling processing

Latest company news about The wrong ideas and concepts of high -speed milling processing

High -speed milling (HSM) and high -efficiency energy milling (HPM) processing concept

Example: Roughly processing hard steel, material hardness> 55HRC

The application range of high -speed milling

Diameter (according to the geometric size and accuracy of the workpiece)

Type (rough processing, precision processing, slot, 3D contour, edge processing ...)

Shape (Ball knife, round nose knife, multi -blade milling cutter ...)

Materials (high -speed steel, hard alloy, metal ceramics, diamond, cubic boron nitride CBN)

Knife coating (TIN, TICN, Tialn ...)

Quality (radial beating, shape accuracy, dynamic balance, rigid)

2. High -speed spindle

In fact, the high -speed main shaft is like the engine high speed and high power in the F1 car.

The spindle can be divided into two specifications:

    There are bearing => high torque, and the current maximum speed can reach 54,000.

    Bearing -free (gas driving) => low torque, but the speed is very fast (> 100krpm).

    High torque allows the cutting of larger materials, using larger tools and harder materials. High -speed cutting rate is fast and the effect of reaching HSM.

    3. Each axis of high dynamic performance

    In fact, the bed structure of the machine itself is like the chassis of the car, and the strong and safe absorption impact and vibration.

    Traditional hard oriented can obtain better accuracy through adjustments on the machine, but it cannot achieve high -speed processing that linear slide rails can achieve. The acceleration is the key factor at the high -speed axis and a strong bed structure. Each axis of high acceleration reduces the waste of time, a better cut surface, and the tool grinding is low.

    4. High -speed milling controller CNC

    In fact, the controller is like a driver. Its operating skills determine the victory of the car. It requires forward -looking, sensitivity and fast response ability.

    5. High -speed milling CAM processing strategy

    In fact, there are many ways to reach the next point from one point, but all paths will have different effects at speed, surface, etc.